May 2021 — Virtual Conference

The Power of Defining Success by Design

Presenting at Creative Directions 2021

You spend weeks working on a design, but then: “Can you make this bigger?” “Can you make it pop more?” “It would look better if...” “It’s almost there.”

Consistently receiving vague design feedback with unclear reasoning, especially from the top of the company, can reduce confidence for designers early in their careers.

This talk will cover the importance of why you need to define success in design, with tools to help you do so. Increase your confidence the next time you present and defend your work to subjective crowds. Our goal with this framework will be to maintain the integrity of your work, from presentation to implementation.

March 2019 — Austin, TX

Macroscopic Design: Design for the Most of Us

Presented at SXSW 2019

Most design conferences feature speakers from huge, well-known, established companies with huge teams, a wealth of resources, and monster budgets. The reality for most of us is that we work for small early-stage startups with barely any budget nor a proper design practice established. Instead of focusing on microscopic problems that only companies at-scale can ever experience, most of us in the design-field actually need to tackle important macro-level problems on a daily basis for companies desperately looking for design to help their businesses. This talk covers some key (and maybe obvious) tips on how to tackle design on a macro-level for maximum efficiency.

January 2018 — Makati City, PI

Designing Your Story

Presented at MiniFFC #45

This talk explains how to design better storytelling experiences through a historical and fundamental understanding of the relationship between stories and interfaces.

July 2017 — Online Webinar

The Hard Sell of Design

Presented at

There are plenty of complex methodologies and a myriad of approaches that have been tried, proven, and shared by industry leaders. But why isn't everyone using them? The reality is that there are plenty of organizations out there still warming up to Design-thinking and don't yet realize its true value to their businesses. That's where the other half of Design becomes more important than ever: Communication. This webinar goes over a few practical ways Designers can sell their approaches to their organizations and maintain the integrity of their work while empowering Design-led ideas.

March 2017 — Austin, TX

Voice: The Invisible UI Nobody Speaks About

Presented at SXSW 2017

As brands venture off their own .com and onto other platforms such as social networks, physical objects, AI conversations, AR, and VR – there is one common design technique currently being used that is not often spoke about: Voice. A few brands actively use Voice as a way to interface with their users in a unique and effective way. Even fewer acknowledge and purposefully design for their Voice. I invited creators with experience working both independently and for bigger brands discuss what Voice means to them as a way of interfacing with audiences. How can you use Voice to shape your user’s experience across platforms?

November 2016 — Rome, IT

Designing Refinery29's First iOS App, ThisAM

Presented at World Usability Day Rome 2016

“8 Things You Need To Know This AM” was Refinery29’s first iOS app which debuted with outstanding engagement. This Case Study takes you through the details of how we arrived to the final product, from inception to launch. This is an inside look into the design process behind the app from the research phase, negotiating with stakeholders, using live prototypes, to eventually the finished product and its future sustainability implications.

September 2016 — Dallas, TX

When Content is Bae

Presented at Big Design Conference 2016

Digital publishing as exploded over the past few years. Designers for these sites have to approach problems from a slightly different angle as opposed to designers of utility-driven apps coming out of Silicon Valley. What are the differences when your product is content? This talk explores the specific areas of focus for a designer when content comes before anything else.

November 2015 — Quezon City, PI

Please Recycle: How I Learned to Design Products

Presented at Form Function and Class 6

This talk traces my personal evolution as a Web Designer to Product Designer. Through a vulnerable exploration of my work I reveal how recycling designs led me to become a better Product Designer.

June 2015 — Las Vegas, NV

The Science Behind Modular Design Thinking

Presented at Future Insights Live 2015

This talk explores how lessons I learned from Science and Math helps to inform my own modular design strategies. From unlikely places of finding inspiration, to piggy-backing on fundamental scientific methods — we explore ways modular strategies can guarantee future success.

I'm always looking for opportunities to share my knowledge at design conferences and mentorship programs. I am especially interested in speaking at events for underserved communities. If you're interested in any of these topics or are curious about what I'm currently working on, please feel free to reach out to me.