January 28, 2020

Back to the Blog

I missed having and maintaining my own personal website. Let's bring it back again.

I sometimes get nostalgic over the early days of my internet life. I was obsessed with the idea of designing and running my own website. That’s why I learned HTML and CSS. To have the ability to create my own space, exactly the way I wanted, easily accessible to the entire world.

Over time, social platfoms took over. Not only did they make it easy for anyone to put themselves on the web, but it also made us much more easy to discover.

Let’s not compare the amount of engagement my shoutboxes got compared to my Facebook wall.

Now with the uncertainty that comes with publishing personal information on the properties of what have become massive corporations, the idea of owning and managing your own content—on your own property—has never sounded so appealing, yet again.

I’ve decided to start up a blog again here on my own personal website. I’ll just be posting random musings about what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. I haven’t yet decided how focused I’ll be. I have a weird relationship with writing.

I may also republish some of the articles here that I’ve published on Medium. Just moving along that process of taking ownership back of my content.

Please be sure to check back, or not!

I just want to try writing again.