In 2017 I rented out the Foley Gallery in the Lower East Side of NYC for a 3-day weekend and shared an exhibition of my artwork and photography to celebrate my birthday. Within 6 months I collected a retrospective of art throughout my younger years and created new bodies of work. I embarked on learning how to shoot film photography from scratch and also dabbled in mixing music to play throughout the entire 3-day exhibition. For my birthday I hosted an opening night on July 6th, 2017 and lived my dream of featuring my own work in my very own art show in NYC.

The show was open to the public from July 7th, 2017 – July 8th, 2017

This was the debut of my brand, asrequired, meant to be attached to all of my creative endeavors. Banners hung in the front windows of the Foley Gallery in LES NYC.
I showcased multiple series of art across all four walls of the gallery.
I brought back art that I created thoughout the years from high school to college.
The Fat Heads was a piece I created in high school protesting conservative war hawks amidst the usage of WMDs as justification for engaging in full-scale war in Iraq.
Look Up was a reprint of an original print I donated to a charity fundraiser for relief to Hurricane Katrina Victims in August 2005 called Art for Katrina
I experimented with learning how to DJ and mix music to create 4 music mixes to be played through all 3-days of the exhibition and showcased the cover art.
I learned how to shoot 35mm film photography from nothing for the purposes of featuring photographic work. All of the photos I selected for the gallery were also posted on a project page on instagram.
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Welcoming my friends at the entrance for opening night on July 6th, 2017.